Reverse podcast: Yaël Ossowski interviews me

On Wilimington's The Big Talker, we discuss trust and markets

EDITED, 4:35 p.m. with video link just to my segment.

Sitting in for Joe Catenacci on Wilmington’s The Big Talker 106.7, Yaël Ossowski of the Consumer Choice Center talked with me about SocialFabricNews and — contrasting the L.A.’s Avenue 26 Night Market with Raleigh Night Market — the role trust plays in keeping markets vibrant. The audio follows. Below that is the YouTube video of my segment and his full show (I come in at about the 32:30 mark).

My segment:

Thanks again to Yaël and be sure to check out his social media channels as well!

Latest Merlefest COVID protocols

No surprise — Merlefest organizers announced that, before entering, attendees of the festival’s 33rd edition must show proof of vaccination or a record of a negative COVID test produced no more than 72 hours before arriving at the gate. Vaccinated patrons will get a “well” wristband to wear throughout.

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This process worked well at Lollapalooza. As of Tuesday, only 200 or so COVID cases had been reported by attendees (some 400,000 went through the turnstiles over the July 29 weekend).

Event promoter Live Nation is requiring similar precautions at its concerts and festivals.

Get vaxxed!