Open thread: Friday, August 6

I want to try something new. Something to encourage you to join a slightly directed conversation on a couple of topics. 

I’ll be here live today from 3 to 4 p.m. EDT to interact. I’ll return occasionally over the weekend. I’d love for you to continue the conversation when I’m not here, too.

I’m sharing the link on my social media accounts. It’s open to anyone, including nonsubscribers. (So please keep the conversation in the spirit of me, @CivilSocietyGuy.) Maybe if you’re lurking and like what you see, you’ll sign up! Go to it, and have fun!

Topic 1: What sorts of groups or events would you like to see covered more (or less)? What am I missing that’s worthy of a story or three? (Noting I am somewhat financially and geographically constrained.)

Topic 2: In what ways do you think social networking can be used more effectively to expand or strengthen groups or events you appreciate? Specific suggestions/examples welcome.

Thanks, and have at it! — Rick