Monday Swatch: July 19, 2021

Progress report, a tease, and good stuff from Denver

In what we call a tease, I’m working on an especially cool story about a local celeb and a local charity. The reporting won’t wrap until next week, so stay tuned.

The feedback on my Raleigh Night Market stories — terrific. The feature and podcast worked well, I think. I can’t promise a pod with a guest every week, but I’ll fill as many as I can as I find even more inspiring people to tell their stories. 

Us Raleigh Uke Jammers may return to the Night Market scene soon. We’re what is known in the music world as loosey-goosey. This disorganization by design works well almost all the time. It requires a bit of cat-herding to organize unscheduled gigs. If we head to Moore Square to play, you’ll know about it.

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Speaking of podcasts

The Social Fabric Pod should be on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify.  (Apple doesn’t seem to like my avatar as much as Stitcher and Spotify do. I’m working on it.) Urge your friends to subscribe, give me stellar ratings, etc. I’ll keep building inventory.

Speaking of the Uke Jam 

We played a one-hour set Sunday for the fine folks at the Stonehenge at Abbotswood senior living facility. It was great fun. Our first indoor performance unmasked with an audience since December 2019! Here’s to many more.

Over the transom

•The Washington Post: Nearly 30 groups urge Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to take down vaccine disinformation. Money quote: 

It’s not clear what proportion of Americans still refusing to get the widely available, effective, and overwhelmingly safe vaccine is doing so because of online disinformation campaigns. 

•The News & Observer: After going viral with “secret” Instagram, NC couple makes free meals for college students.

•The Assembly: Medical marijuana’s conservative champion. If you’ve heard the moving story about the battle Baltimore Orioles’ All-Star outfielder (and Home Run Derby runner-up) Trey Mancini had a year ago with Stage 3 colon cancer, here’s one about Bill Rabon’s single-minded focus on preventing others from replicating his suffering.

Speaking of the Home Run Derby

In case you missed it at last week’s MLB All Star Game, shame on you! North Carolina’s own Avett Brothers sang the national anthem from the “bleachers” at Red Rocks Amphitheatre near Denver. Well done, boys.

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