How Bynum invited the world to Chatham County during a pandemic

Cynthia Raxter and a dedicated group of neighbors and volunteers keep their beloved mill town vibrant


Cindy Raxter and I met nearly four decades ago when we worked at the front desk of the historic Carolina Inn on the UNC campus in Chapel Hill. I left to start a career in journalism. She departed to work for the university as a health sciences librarian. All along she’s lived in what was a house for mill workers in Bynum, a small community less than a half-hour from Chapel Hill. She also became part of a tightly connected neighborhood that invested physical and social capital in their town and its culture.

Cindy joined me on the podcast to talk about Bynum Front Porch, the nonprofit she and her neighbors created that has brought well-known music acts, storytellers, and artists to Chatham County on a shoestring budget. And how they continued entertaining and connecting Bynum residents — along with friends and loved ones around the world — during COVID-19.

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Not only does she work on Bynum-related projects, she’s also a storyteller and stand-up comic, and a delight to be around. I hope you enjoy the podcast, and be sure to subscribe and share with others!

Bynum Front Porch website; Facebook page; Facebook group; Twitter feed; YouTube channel

My introduction to Bynum Front Porch

My visit to a Friday night of bluegrass music and fellowship in Bynum

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