A brief visit on Actual Independence Day

And some weekend diversions not involving explosives

Happy For Real Independence Day! (The Continental Congress voted for independence July 2, 1776. It took a couple of days to get the official document written and dated. The delegates didn’t finish signing until August. John Adams thought July 2 should be the date of celebration. Oh well.)

A brief check-in today. I learned more from my family about Doc Watson’s connection to my relatives. He was a cousin by marriage, which is one reason he occasionally showed up in Boomer.

Also, the Raleigh Uke Jam’s Pelagic gig was fantastic. It was warm. Though our group was small, it was mighty. Playing together and outdoors for old and new friends was a blast.

Today, I’m catching up with an old friend from the pre-journalism era who’s a major player in her little community’s cultural scene. There will be bluegrass and a food truck. It’s an outdoor event, so we hope it won’t rain.

Weekend diversions

• Thought-provoking piece in The Week by Damon Linker about the politics of loneliness and how social media and the fraying of social fabric can exacerbate a toxic environment. I hope his warnings aren’t lead-pipe cinch predictions. Looking for signs they may not be is why I started this humble newsletter.

• Fun (as always) roundup of the week’s weirdness from Jeremy Markovich at the North Carolina Rabbit Hole. N.C. biscuits in Denver (how did we not know this?)! No context Ric Flair! Zebra Cobra update! Barefoot at Pinehurst! It’s an essential timeline cleanser.

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• Finally, a relatively new song from a new (to me) group: Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band. I heard this on That Station (app-based, FYI) and couldn’t tell if Tom Jones’ DNA had been jumbled with Johnny Cash’s, or what. Enjoy!